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Shandong 800 t / h cement production line

In the cement business transformation is a foregone conclusion in the context of a growing number of cement production enterprises still in transition towards Aggregates industry, the entire production line follows the J machine always professional, rigorous, efficient, environmentally friendly, energy-saving features, greatly reduce investment costs customer expectations, the client has become one of my long-term cooperative enterprise.
【Processing Material】:Limestone
【Handling capacity】:800t/h
【Device Configuration】:Jaw crusher, rotary kiln, cement mill, dryer, suspension preheater, calciner, dust removal devices and other equipment.

For more details, cement production line in Shandong 800 t / h:

Cement Production Line

The range of facilities producing cement production line. Mainly from the crushing and pre-homogenization, raw material preparation homogenization, preheat decomposition, sintering cement clinker, cement grinding and packaging processes form. In the process of cement production lines, each producing 1 ton of Portland cement grinding at least 3 tons of materials (including raw materials, fuel, clinker, mixed materials, gypsum), according to statistics, the dry-process cement production line grinding operation needs power consumption accounts for about 60% of the whole power plant, in which grinding raw materials accounted for more than 30 percent, accounting for about 3% of the coal mill, cement grinding about 40%. Therefore, a reasonable choice of grinding equipment and processes, optimization of process parameters, correct operation, the control operation system, to ensure product quality and reduce energy consumption is of great significance.

Case Description

More rapid development in recent years, its urban development, creating a greater demand for cement. Choose a cement production line Braun machine. The production line with high efficiency, high-quality, energy-saving, full use of resources, in line with the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.

Customer feedback

Bailing machine design and production of dry cement production line is the raw material pre-homogenization techniques and rotary kiln technology, with suspension preheater and kiln decomposition technology as the core of modern cement production process, its production capacity, degree of automation high, high quality products, low energy consumption, low emission of harmful substances, industrial waste utilization and high output positive recognition by the customer.

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