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Quartz production line flow chart

Quartz sand beneficiation process

Quartz sand beneficiation process

Technology Introduction

Purification of quartz sand is a difficult separation technology to get rid of small or trace impurities to obtain high-purity quartz sand, quartz sand purification process are washed, graded mud off, scrub, magnetic separation, flotation, acid leaching, leaching and other microbes.


Quartz sand beneficiation production process can be applied to the the quartz sand containing iron or mica.

Technology Introduction

Washing, grading Desliming

SiO2 grade in quartz sand will decreases with thinner particle size of quartz sand while the grade of mineral impurities is on the contrary, this phenomenon is particularly evident in the quartz sand containing a lot of clay minerals, so it is necessery to washing off the mud before inclusion of quartz sand.


Scrub is utilize grinding stripping force between the mechanical and grit to remove the iron film and clay mineral impurities and further grinding unpaired single mineral aggregates, and then make comminution and classification operations to further purify silica sand.Currently, there are stick friction and mechanical washing scrub methods.


Sorting mica and quartz is difficult to flotation, and can achieve good results through two methods of using anionic collector under acidic conditions or use zwitterion collector under alkaline condition.Generally, after a scrub off the mud, magnetic separation and flotation, purity of quartz sand is up to 99%, basically meet the needs of industry.

Acid Leaching

Acid have a significant effec t for the removal of iron and aluminum, while the removing of titanium and chromium is proplely to use thick sulfuric acid, aqua regia acid leaching treatment, usually using a mixture of these acids to removal acid impurities.Acid leaching control should be based on a variety of factors especisally the final quartz grade requirements, as far as possible to reduce the concentration, temperature and amount of acid to achieve lower cost beneficiation quartz purification.

Production Examples

Yunnan,quartz sand ore, the main component of quartz, accounting for 95-97%, siliceous cement accounting for 8-23%, impurities mainly are hematite, limonite, etc., about 1-3%. Former concentrator using sieve classification - dry magnetic separation - Dosing strong scrub - flotation process, the ultimate SiO2≥97.62%, Fe2O3≤0.24, Al2O3≤1.11%, indicators is poor, severely affected the company's production targets and economic benefits. Thus, the processing plant entrust Bailing for transformation, Bailing decided to adopt screening classification - dry magnetic separation - Dosing strong scrub - acid leaching of the beneficiation process through beneficiation tests, the resulting of fine sand with good quality indicators, specific indicators as follows:

Before and after the transformation


indicators of fine sand

Before transformation

Screening classification - dry magnetic separation - Dosing strong scrub - flotation process

After transformation Screening classification - dry magnetic separation - Dosing strong scrub - acid leaching process SiO2≥99.4%,Fe2O3≤0.052,Al2O3≤0.048%

After the transformation, purified quartz sand meets the quality requirements of the chemical composition of silica fume, fine grinding can be used in ceramics, paint, metal casting industries.

Flow Chart

Note: The above program is for reference only. The actual process should provide the type and content of the ore-related elements of the user how to develop programs

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