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Graphite ore beneficiation workflow

Production line flow chart:


1) Graphite ore beneficiation process is to get graphite concentrates from graphite ores. Graphite is formed by crystallized carbon, and has two kinds: crystalloid and cryptocrystalline. The crystal of crystalloid graphite is > 1 micron, and the has low ore grade. More often, its fixed carbon content is 3%-5%, while the content can reach as high as 20%-25%. It can be applied to industrial use only after ore beneficiation process. But it has good property and wide applications. On the other hand, the crystal of cryptocrystalline graphite is < 1 micron, with high carbon content of 60%-90%. The graphite has good properties like heat-resistent, anti-corrosion, lubrication, electric conduction, heat conduction and chemical stability, which allow it to be widely used. In metallurgy industry, for example, it is used to make graphite refractory, covering slags, crucible and electrode. Crystalloid graphite can be divided into high purity, high carbon, medium carbon and low carbon grades. It can also be classified by flake sizes. The bigger the flake is, the better. So, during ore beneficiation process, protecting the flake is very important. It should go through milling and classifying process of several stages to sort out ore concentrates with big flake timely. Cryptocrystalline graphite products can be divided into graphite powder and graphite particles by sizes; also, they can be classified into several grades by the different contents of carbon.
2) The main countries that produce graphite in the world are the Soviet Union, China, India, Korea, Sri Lanka and etc. In China, the main places for producing graphite are Helongjian, Hunan, Shangdong, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and etc. And the main ore beneficiation solutions are flotation separation, gravity separation, wet screening and pulverizing, etc. To get high purity or high carbon content products, chemical mineral processing is needed. Workflows are different due to different properies of the ores and different product quality requests. There are flotation separation process alone, flotation separation process-chemical mineral processing or milling-flotation separation process, etc. Ore beneficiation workflow of flake graphite is different from that of amorphous graphite.
3)Flake graphite ore beneficiation process:
Flake graphite ores are with low ore grade of 12%-15%, and the flakes should be protected, so in the ore beneficiation process, the ores has to go through milling and classifying process of several stages.

This process includes:

(1)Preparation process: first and second crushing, and coarse milling;
(2)Flotation process: rough separating, sweeping separating and fine separating;
(3)Concentrates treatment: dewatering, drying, screening and packing.
The raw ores are mainly flake graphite, gaugue minerals are calcite,chlorite, tremolite, plagioclase, garnet, kaolinite and etc. Flotation separation process with 4 stages of milling process and 5 times` fine separating is adopted. The collecting agents are terpenol and triethoxy butane. Lime is used to adjust the PH value of the ore pulp to 8-9. In the raw ore, the grade is 4%-5%, but after this flotation separation process, the grade should be 89% and the recovery rate is about 80%. To get high purity graphite and high carbon graphite products, the fine concentrates should go through wet process chemical purification to reach the grade of 98%.
4)Amorphous graphite ore beneficiation process:
Amorphous graphite ores has high grade of 30%-90%, but due to the fineness of inserted graphite particles, it is difficult to improve the grade. Separating process is not needed when dealing with high grade graphite ore, and most graphite ores in China are with high grade. So the ore beneficiation process goes: raw ore-crushing process-milling process-flotation process-dewatering process-drying process-powder making process-classifying process and packing process. Cryptocrystalline graphite ore beneficiation process in Kayserberg, Austria includes the direct powder making dry process and flotation wet process. Its raw ores contains carbon of 30%-80%. In this flotation process, the coal oil is used as collecting agent, pain oil and flotation oil as foaming agent; PH value of ore pulp is 8, and the carbon content in the concentrates is 90%-92%; while the direct powder making dry process is for low carbon content graphite.
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The above workflow is just for reference. The practical workflow should be designed according to the ore varieties and the chemical elements` contents relevant.

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