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Fluorite ore beneficiation flow chart

Fluorite ore beneficiation process

Fluorite ore beneficiation process

Technology Introduction

Fluorite ore beneficiation methods mainly apopt flotation technology, generally use multiple selection to improve the concentrate grade.


Fluorite ore flotation process can apply to the fluorite ore of high clay content, impurities, minerals and fluorite symbiosis, fine granularity and other useful minerals Khenpo complex. 

Technology Introduction

Separation of fluorite and sulphide ore

Fluorite ore containing Sulfur,usually use the xanthate type collector to make sulfide minerals emerge from the water, then add fatty acids collector to catch fluorite, we can also add a small amount of sulfide minerals inhibitor to suppress the residual sulfide minerals to ensure the quality fluorite concentrate in the fluorite flotation operations.

Separation of fluorite and barite

Generally make mixed flotation of fluorite and barite then separate the two,and in the first stage select oleic acid as collector to get mixed concentrate and using positive or reverse flotation to get fluorite concentrate in last lap.

Separation of fluorite and quartz

Utilize fatty acid collect to fluorite and sodium silicate inhibit quartz. To control the amount of sodium silicate properly, a small amount of sodium silicate active fluorite, but not enough to inhibit quartz, excessive sodium silicate will inhibit fluorite. Sometimes in order to enhance the inhibitory effect of sodium silicate add some polyvalent metal ions, not only inhibit quartz but also inhibit calcite.

Production Examples

Hebei,a low grade fluorite mine, has charactoristic of serously metallic oxide, fine granularity fluorite Khenpo, small hardness. The original production process is a fine regrinding, seven-times selection, concentrate grade is of 88% and recovery rate is only 75.56%,mineral indicators is poor, severely affected the company's production and economic indicators. Therefore, they do commissioned Bailing to make thchnologic transformation. Bailing improved the flotation process partly and adjucted the inhibitor after the fluorite beneficiation test,and the production practices showed fluorite grade and recovery were markedly improved, specific indicators compare are as follows:




Recovery rate(%)

Before transformation

A roughing, coarse and fine regrinding, sixtic featured

88.52 75.56

After transformation

Scavenging foam concentrate into the rough,
 improve pharmaceutical system ,increase flotation cell

93.55 88.95

After transformation, the whole index of fluorite flotation process has been significantly improved, estimated annual increase income 3.2 million yuan, profits is expected to increase 1.5 million.

Note: The above program is for reference only. The actual process should provide the type and content of the ore-related elements of the user how to develop programs

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