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Ceramic ball mill

Ceramic ball mill

Cylinder speed:14-36r/min
Motor power:5.5-90kw
Ceramic ball mill is mainly used for mixing, grinding process. It can be used both in dry grinding process and wet process. Based on different production needs, it can adopt diffrent lining plates. Fineness of final products depend upon the grinding time. Motor startup with automatic voltage reducing to reduce the start current. Its structure is divided into integral and independent type.


Bearing adopts oil lubrication system, thus help bearing internal dirt cleaning and reduce the bearing attrition during normal operation. Bailing ball mill reduces replacement frequency of easily damaged parts at the most extent. Lining plates ,steel balls are made of high chrome steel,which is very wear-resisting and durable, brings a lot of advantages for ball mill’s maintenance and working.

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  Ceramic ball mill has the characteristics of energy-saving, new structure, easy operation, and stable performance, suited for traditional and special materials. We can choose suitable model and plates according to the proportion and hardness of materials of our customers.

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Type Capacity
Cylinder speed
Motor power
TCQ910×1120 0.2 36 5.5-11 3.0
TCQ1200×1400 0.5 32 11-18.5 3.8
TCQ1500×1800 1.0 28 15-22 4.5
TCQ1800×2100 1.5 26 18.5-30 6.0
TCQ2100×2100 2.5 22 22-37 7.4
TCQ2200×2400 3.0 20 28-45 8.2
TCQ2500×2900 5.0 16 37-55 9.3
TCQ2800×3700 8.0 14.5 55-75 12.5
TCQ3000×3700 10 14 75-90 18.6

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Solutions and Cases

  • Sand production line
    Sand production line

    Stones are conveyed via the vibrating feeder to the jaw crusher for rough crushing process and then they are crushed further through the sand making equipment..

  • Powder production line
    Powder production line

    The powder production line is mainly used to process the non-flammable and non-explosive materials with the mohs grade lower than eight such as feldspar,

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